BRCA results + style change

Today was a good day. My mom is in town and we’ve been able to enjoy each others company and get lots done.

Yesterday I made a big change to my appearance! I decided since I would be losing my hair, I may as well have some fun with it and try something new. The pink is for breast cancer awareness! It definitely takes getting used to but this morning it only took me five minutes to do my hair! And THAT I love!

Today I had a biopsy of one of my lymphnodes near my armpit. The results there won’t change treatment plan for now, but may change what they take out during surgery after chemotherapy. It will help them determine staging, and definitely makes the decision to do chemotherapy first and getting it into my system, the better option.

We are anxiously awaiting treatment approval from insurance and should get that and started on chemotherapy next week. Please pray, cross your fingers, and send alllll the good vibes you can for that to happen. We are totally ready now!

I had my chemo teach visit today so we are all ready to go! They just went over all the sides effects with me again and some additional iinformation and I got a quick tour of the room I’ll have my infusions at.

I also got my genetic testing results back that show I am negative on the BRCA genes. Wohoo!!! This is really good news since that mutation increases the risk of ovarian and breast cancer greatly. Being a carrier of the gene comes with the recommendation of a bilateral mastectomy so it is a huge relief to not have to make that drastic decision at this point in time. We are so grateful for these results, Although it doesn’t really give me any answers as to WHY I have breast cancer. Since my cancer is triple negative, it means that none of my hormones are responsible for the growth of my tumor, and now the negative BRCA result also means that its not genetic. We are still grateful for a negative result on the BRCA though!

One of the reasons we loved the treatment plan from Huntsman’s Cancer Institute was that they recommended neo-adjuvant chemotherapy (prior to surgery) – we liked this decision because we were still waiting on the BRCA results and the timetable for surgery, testing, etc just didn’t sit right with us.

Glad to have made the decision we did and can now start chemotherapy as soon as everything is approved!

Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “BRCA results + style change

  1. Katherine Hansen says:

    Love the hair!! It is so cute on you! Praying for insurance stuff to finally get figured out and that you tested negative for the BRCA gene! It’s the little victories sometimes. 🙂


  2. Laura White says:

    So happy that the BRCA results are negative! Such an answer to prayers!
    You are so positive and facing this head on, with a bright smile on your face! Choosing to see the “opportunity” to experiment with your hair for a bit, rather than focus on the negative side effects that you know are coming. Janelle, you are such an inspiration to me, and so many others! We love you and are praying for you, always!


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