Date Night Huzzah

It’s weird feeling like I can’t plan things out, and have no idea how Chemotherapy will affect my ability to do things.

So we went on a date night with just Ryan and I and did a restaurant hop night. It was easy, and lots of fun, and got to use some gift cards!

First up, Applebee’s. We ordered a trio appetizer sampler platter with Chicken Wonton Tacos + BBQ boneless wings. Can you say YUMMY?!

Next up we grabbed hot butter beer (a creation from Harry Potter world of hoy milk, butterscotch, and caramel). We had never haf it before but we loved it from Soda Vine. Then we snatched churros and ate them together.

Next I needed something salty so we grabbed a size of fries to go at The Hickory and got a quart of ice cream at Coldstone!

Enjoyed our last date before chemo 🙂 many more date nights to come of course 🙂

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