Family weekend party

Last year we had planned this fun cousin retreat at “Hotel Kofoed” with our families. It was a little hard to plan because I didn’t have a chemo start date yet. But turns out it got scheduled in perfect timing for our reunion to be a ‘big’ party sending me off to chemo! My cousin, Laura, brought up a gift basket from several cousins and relatives that was so fun to open (thank you!). She also brought up a billion hats!! They were all hats from another survivor, a friend of her sister in laws, who was giving them away. We girls locked ourselves in a room and tried on hats and chatted for a good 3 hours. It was great fun! Cousin-Quotes-And-Sayings-3-1024x1024 She also found these matching shirts in the clearance section of Wally world and brought one up for each of us. So of course we have to model šŸ™‚ Thanks ladies – and even all those friends who work pink for me yesterday who aren’t represented in photos, for your love and support. We got this!! We had some late nights and long days talking about important stuff like the gospel, the atonement, finances and budgeting ideas, new movie releases, family, you know, typical girl stuff šŸ˜. It was a much needed jam session staying up until 3am two nights in a row and finally konking out at 1am our last night. And I love that all the kids just play (and maybe a little fighting), and these cuties think it’s fun to play with the little ones. They are SO hired to get Emmett to take his naps!! 26982398_10155210419411526_1215924187_o And fun other times with cousins

I forgot to add in Ryan’s ridiculous good luck at Skull King (must be the beard) but he whipped us GOOD.

I love the friendships I’ve built with these two beautiful ladies (and their families) šŸ˜ grateful cousins are family šŸ˜. I’m so grateful for you Tiffany for opening your home and making these fun times together possible! eba16be94f14d5af8e84e0e5717a978d--cousins-quotes-son-quotes We got home Monday and when Emmett woke up from his nap all he wanted was his cousins!

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