So it begins

Yesterday was my first chemotherapy treatment. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I felt ready. Ready to kick cancer in the face. Not really ready for side effects 😉 Sorry for the blurry pic below, I almost didn’t grab one and then this is how it turned out. Whoops.


The chemotherapy center has recliners with side tables and other chairs you can pull up for the person you brought with you. Its a pretty ‘easy process’ with my port, they can draw blood, administer the drugs and saline, all from the port in my chest. They numb up the access point and I didn’t feel a thing!

I was definitely tired by the end of it! I came home with a little headache, some tiredness and achiness, so took my anti nausea meds and went to bed (after of course running an errand and sending some messages because that’s just who I am 😂

One of the meds doesnt let me sleep super well and they said to expect being a bit restless some nights – last night between the nausea and that I think I got about 5 hours of solid sleep. But I’ll take it!

Overall feeling good. The next few weeks will really give us an outline of how my body will handle everything and it sounds like there is major nausea + fatigue ahead – kind of like pregnancy but without a cute baby at the end 😒. I am not going to lie. Last night I prayed and asked, “Lord, am I going to be able to survive all these side affects? How will I do it?” And the answer came to me in a simple Instagram post below:

26943525_10155210542916526_271961213_n (1)

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers.

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