Update Week 2

Starting my second week of treatment. This is actually my off week so I don’t have treatment again until next week, but it’s week 2 of treatment 1. So if that didn’t totally confuse you…
I had an MRI at the end of December that showed the need for a biopsy in one of my lymphnodes. The results of this biopsy will not change treatment plan for chemotherapy but would change staging and what they remove in surgery later. I was so so pleased to hear the results on the lymphnode they tested came back Negative – YAY!!!!!!!! This means it has not spread to this lymphnode section.  I am not sure if they will do additional testing prior to surgery or not, but for now – whoot! Great news!!
I had my Nadir check up today – a nadir visit is where they check in and see what symptoms I’m experiencing, and check my blood cell counts and see how I’m holding up!
While my Red blood cell counts were fine, My white blood cell counts were very low today.  The white blood cell count basically tells how compromised my immunity is and how easily I might get sick. I will be on self-decided house arrest for the next week basically trying to not catch any bugs! If I go anywhere I have to wear a face mask and from here on out all visitors need to be totally germ free.
Flu season is especially awful this year so I will be a hermit for a bit it’s sounding like. Bummer. Yo ho Yo ho, a hermit life for me!
They are concerned about this to the degree that those counts MUST be higher for me next week in order to receive treatment as scheduled, AND, that since I got a shot that is supposed to help boost my immunity, they were surprised to see them that low (although with the Doxorubicin I’m receiving right now it’s not totally surprising, just a bit). They are likely also going to be reducing my dose next week since it dropped me so heavily so quickly. This is a bummer because any delay or dosage change likely affects how long this will actually take. So we are praying and crossing our fingers that those blood counts are looking GOOD for next week.
 I have been feeling great, in fact I woke up with tons of energy to clean today. The first 4 days (including treatment day) I had some nausea and was tired, and I had a headache part of that. But I’ve been feeling good since Saturday. It’s really weird to feel so good and not actually have great counts. I am feeling blessed that so far the side effects are minimal. I imagine that they will build up as we go along on this journey – so for now I will just be glad to be feeling as good as I am.
So I will be watching more Netflix, reading some books, and maybe finally writing all those thank you cards  🙄😍🤪😳🙈🙈

One thought on “Update Week 2

  1. Jill harris says:

    Hey Janelle,
    I found out something interesting when I was getting my blood tested every week. If I had the blood taken before I worked out my numbers were good (CEA not to bad come g down) if I had my blood taken after I worked out numbers high. Which makes sense if you think about the body sheding cells– so advice do your blood same time same life happens so you know it’s all controlled. I did ask about it and no one could tell me – I guess you aren’t suppose to workout- but like you on recovery week I felt good and wanted to keep my body strong- by workout I just walked so no germs in a gym . Just some info I learned
    You can do this
    Love Jill


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