May! Countdown is ON!


I’m so excited for what this month should mean:

End of Chemo! I have 4 treatments left so the countdown is really, really on! We meet with our new surgeon and plastic surgeon in the next two weeks to discuss plans. I am feeling really dang good with my biggest side effect being fatigue and hot flashes (what am I, 55?) And general “I hate dishes” (nothing new 😂)… And maybe one or two more we won’t discuss 😂. My doctor and PAs continue to be impressed with how relatively well my body has handled the chemotherapy. We’ll get more clinical information soon after we meet with the surgeon, but I physically can’t feel the lump anymore. I am so glad we did Chemo first so I could ultimately have less drastic surgical options (we hope) 😭 though meeting with the surgeons will give us our best options.

We’ve got so many fun plans to see family this month too. Ryan’s job is going well. Photo sessions are picking up and I couldn’t be happier about it.

We are feeling very, very blessed by your love and support 💕 there have been so many prayers, phone calls, cards, texts, messages, care packages, blankets, candies, cookies, money, visits, dinners, childcare needs met, rides, dishes, and other services and gifts I can’t even name them all which were provided to my family and I and there are truly no words to express my gratitude. THANK YOU for being here for me. 🤗 XOXO




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