A letter to self

I love this photo of myself. It was taken mid November. I already had my ultrasound scheduled for a week later. It was at a women’s creatives retreat and I remember telling the other gals there about it but not feeling too worried. I already had so much on my plate with a house renovation, my marriage, and just wanted this time to reconnect with my passion for photography. I look carefree and happy but I needed to be taking care of myself and my relationships so much more than I was. The girl in this photo needed a best friend – one she could call up any time of the day to go do something! She needed to find more self love. She was trying to remain grateful but was struggling.


If I could write a letter to her it would be:

Dear Warrioress,

You are enough. You have a trial coming you have no idea about right now – you are not prepared in many ways you might think you need to be, but you will be blessed to know God’s goodness. I know you feel lonely now. You are broke. You’re in desperate need of a girlfriend who will be there for you. Soon you will realize how loved you are and that you have angels surrounding you who are ready to serve.

You will find joy & happiness in the depths of grief and despair. You will have hope. You will have peace. You will have purpose. Let go of your pride. It’s ok to need help.

Believe in God. Trust in His timing.

You are more than just a wife but that is a role that means more than any other. You are more than just a mom but your child needs you to make him a priority. You will understand more deeply the love a mother has for her child. You will be blessed enjoying precious time in her company. Choose to spend quality time cultivating love and friendship in your eternal family. Enjoy this time of life getting to see each other grow. Nourish your relationships and make the efforts needed to show true love. Celebrate the wins.

You are more but you are very much enough. This trial will take a toll on your body, your relationships, your job, your life. But you will walk away more Faithful, Happier, more Hopeful, and knowing the strength of others.

Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to cry. Pray Hard. And honor the journey.



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